Manuel Pancorbo

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In this paper we discuss the characterization of noise in STM. The characteristic noise in STM images is the I /f a-like one, thus noise is characterized by giving the Qvalue . We show that the method (proposed by Stoll and Marti) utilized by STM users for measurement of (i is erroneous. We propose here a new method for noise characterization by frequency(More)
We develop two-dimensional Brownian dynamics simulations to examine the motion of disks under thermal fluctuations and Hookean forces. Our simulations are designed to be experimental-like, since the experimental conditions define the available time-scales which characterize the solution of Langevin equations. To define the fluid model and methodology, we(More)
X chromosome short-tandem repeats (X-STR) assays are helpful in complex kinship testing cases where autosomal and Y chromosome analyses convey little information. Their application has distinct advantages in mother-son and father-daughter kinship testing. Paternal relatives can be tested even in cases of deficiency paternity [1]. The purpose of this study(More)
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