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Terrain representation is a basic topic in the field of interactive graphics. The amount of data required for a good quality of the terrain offers an important challenge to developers of such systems. For users of these applications, the accuracy of geographical data is generally less important than its natural visual appearance. This makes it possible to(More)
Here, we describe the design and synthesis of diethyl [(5Z,7E)-(1S,3R)-1,3-dihydroxy-9,10-secochola-5,7,10(19)-trien-23-in-24-yl] phosphonate (compound 10), which combines the low calcemic properties of phosphonates with the decreased metabolic inactivation due to the presence of a triple bond in C-24 and studied its in vitro effects on several cancer cell(More)
VolSurf+ and GRIND descriptors extract the information present in MIFs calculated by GRID: the first are simpler to interpret and generally applied to ADME-Tox topics, whereas the latter are more sophisticated and thus more suited for pharmacodynamics events. Here we present a study which compares binary QSAR models obtained with VolSurf+ descriptors and(More)
By capitalizing on a highly selective Claisen rearrangement, ent-galbanic acid 1 and (+)-marneral 2 have been synthesized. The relative configurations of (+)- 1 and (+)- 2 were unambiguously established by X-ray crystallographic analysis of the precursors 11a and 20, with the absolute configuration ensuing from their derivation from R-pulegone. In this way,(More)
The first enantioselective synthesis of palinurin has been accomplished starting from commercially available furaldehyde and (R)-methyl-3-hydroxy-2-methylpropionate; the key steps of the synthesis include the use of a chiral pyrrolidine to create the chiral tetronic moiety, and Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons, Wittig and Wittig-Horner reactions to construct the(More)
Virtual and Augmented Reality have been widely used in many scientific fields for the last two decades in order to visualize complex data and information. Although both techniques are oriented to show users complex 3D environments by means of an intuitive and easy mechanism, they use to become useless to manipulate the information in an intuitive and(More)
The Gemini analogs are the last significant contribution to the family of vitamin D derivatives in medicine, for the treatment of cancer. The first Gemini analog was characterized by two symmetric side chains at C-20. Following numerous modifications, the most active analog bears a C-23-triple bond, C-26, 27- hexafluoro substituents on one side chain and a(More)
— This paper presents a twofold view of campus-wide wireless networks: Users and network managers. Providing an easy network experience to the user while keeping the wireless network secure and manageable is a key issue. This paper presents the description of the vendor-independent approach to a secure wireless local area network being implemented on this(More)
The changes introduced into the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) by the Bologna Process, together with renewed pedagogical and methodological practices, have created a new teaching-learning paradigm: Student-Centred Learning. In addition, the last few years have been characterized by the application of Information Technologies, especially the Semantic(More)