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Real Adaboost is a well-known and good performance boosting method used to build machine ensembles for classification. Considering that its emphasis function can be decomposed in two factors that pay separated attention to sample errors and to their proximity to the classification border, a generalized emphasis function that combines both components by(More)
This paper shows that new and flexible criteria to resample populations in boosting algorithms can lead to performance improvements. Real Adaboost emphasis function can be divided into two different terms, the first only pays attention to the quadratic error of each pattern and the second takes only into account the “proximity” of each pattern to the(More)
Computer game accessibility for people with limited vision is a challenging problem because many games, such as point-and-click games, heavily rely on mouse interaction for game world exploration. But mouse interaction requires the sense of sight for orientation and navigating through the user interface. Solutions have been proposed to this problem but(More)
Game·Tel is an open source software system that supports personalized learning, focusing on serious games and simulations, making these and traditional content accessible and adaptive to the student and educational context. In this paper we discuss about its design and functionalities, its modular architecture and the multi-environment approach. Index Terms(More)
The current accessibility ecosystem that develops and delivers both assistive technologies and access features in mainstream technologies is not able to keep up, provide the diversity of solutions needed, nor reach more that a small portion of those who need them. To address this a large scale effort was proposed to provide an infrastructure that would(More)
Any new technology introduced in the classroom has a potential risk of increasing the divide for students with disabilities. This impact becomes greater as the new complexity of new technologies increases. In this sense, one of the most complex technologies currently being considered are educational videogames. And while the potential benefits of videogames(More)
S1 The role of gene expression profiling by microarray analysis for prognostic classification of breast cancer MJ van de Vijver Department of Pathology, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Breast Cancer Research 2005, 7(Suppl 1):S1 (DOI 10.1186/bcr1205) Introduction Prognostic and predictive factors play important roles in the treatment(More)