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In this paper, a generalization of the concept of electrical power for periodic current and voltage waveforms based on a new generalized complex geometric algebra (GCGA) is proposed. This powerful tool permits, in -sinusoidal/nonlinear situations, representing and calculating the voltage, current, and apparent power in a single-port electrical network in(More)
Electric arc furnace dust (EAFD), generated by the steel-making industry, is in itself an intrinsic hazardous waste; however, the case may also be that scrap used in the process is accidentally contaminated by radioactive elements such as cesium. In this case the resulting EAFD is to be handled as radioactive waste, being duly confined in low- and(More)
C. Lederer∗1,2, S. Altstadt2, S. Andriamonje3, J. Andrzejewski4, L. Audouin5, M. Barbagallo6, V. Bécares7, F. Bečvář8, F. Belloni9, B. Berthier5, E. Berthoumieux3,9, J. Billowes10, V. Boccone3, D. Bosnar11, M. Brugger3, M. Calviani3, F. Calviño12, D. Cano-Ott7, C. Carrapiço13, F. Cerutti3, E. Chiaveri3,9, M. Chin3, N. Colonna6, G. Cortés12, M.A.(More)
Some techniques to show the existence and uniqueness of limit cycles, typically stated for smooth vector fields, are extended to continuous piecewise-linear differential systems. New results are obtained for systems with three linearity zones without symmetry and having one equilibrium point in the central region. We also revisit the case of systems with(More)
P.Napolitani, K.-H.Schmidt, L.Tassan-Got, P.Armbruster, T.Enqvist, A.Heinz, V.Henzl, D.Henzlova, A.Kelić, R.Pleskač, M.V.Ricciardi, C.Schmitt, O.Yordanov, L.Audouin, M.Bernas, A.Lafriaskh, F.Rejmund, C.Stéphan, J.Benlliure, E.Casarejos, M.Fernandez Ordonez, J.Pereira, A.Boudard, B.Fernandez, S.Leray, C.Villagrasa, and C.Volant 1 GSI, Planckstr. 1, 64291(More)
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