Manuel Ordóñez

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Myerson (1977) used graph-theoretic ideas to analyze cooperation structures in games. In his model, he considered the players in a cooperative game as vertices of a graph, which undirected edges defined their communication possibilities. He modified the initial games taking into account the graph and he established a fair allocation rule based on applying(More)
In 1977, Myerson considered cooperative games with communication structure. A communication structure is an undirected graph describing the bilateral relationships among the players. He introduced the concept of allocation rule for a game as a function obtaining an outcome for each communication structure among the players of the game. The Myerson value is(More)
We introduce cooperative TU-games on concept lattices, where a concept is a pair (S, S′) with S being a subset of players or objects, and S′ a subset of attributes. Any such game induces a game on the set of players/objects, which appears to be a TU-game whose collection of feasible coalitions is a lattice closed under intersection, and a game on the set of(More)
The intention of this article is to introduce a new structure, that we will call decreasing system , which generalize the well-known convex geometries introduced by (PH Edelman, RE Jamison (1985)). We will introduce these structures through the dualization another known structure, augmenting system (Bilbao, 2003). In this article we axiomatize the Shapley(More)
This paper deals with cooperative games in which only certain coalitions are allowed to form. There have been previous models developed to confront the problem of unallowable coalitions. Games restricted by a communication graph were introduced by Myerson and Owen. In their model, the feasible coalitions are those that induce connected subgraphs. Another(More)
In 2013, Jiménez-Losada et al. introduced several extensions of the Myerson value for games with fuzzy communication structure. In a fuzzy communication structure the membership of the players and the relations among them are leveled. Now we study a Banzhaf value for these situations. The Myerson model is followed to define the fuzzy graph Banzhaf value(More)
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