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Self-Motivation for Academic Attainment: The Role of Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Personal Goal Setting
The causal role of students’ self-efficacy beliefs and academic goals in self-motivated academic attainment was studied using path analysis procedures. Parental goal setting and students’Expand
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Student Differences in Self-Regulated Learning: Relating Grade, Sex, and Giftedness to Self-Efficacy and Strategy Use.
Forty-five boys and 45 girls of the 5th, 8th, and 1 lth grades from a school for the academicallygifted and an identical number from regular schools were asked to describe their use of 14Expand
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Construct Validation of a Strategy Model of Student Self-Regulated Learning
Using student interviews, teacher ratings, and achievement test outcomes, we validated a strategy model of student self-regulated learning as a theoretical construct. Forty-four male and 36 femaleExpand
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Test of a Model of Parental Inducement of Academic Self-Regulation
Abstract A model of parental inducement of academic self-regulation was tested. One hundred and five elementary-school students were surveyed to assess their perceptions of (a) their parents'Expand
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Parental Influences on Children's Academic Self-Regulatory Development
completion of homework, literacy rates, and school dropout rates indicate alarming figures. Employers are increasingly unable to hire significant numbers of young Americans because they lack requiredExpand
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Emotional Intelligence as a Self-Regulatory Process: A Social Cognitive View
One hundred adults were surveyed to test a self-regulation (SR) model of emotional intelligence (EI). The social cognitive SR concepts of motivation, goal setting, strategy usage, and self-evaluationExpand
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Mathematics Self-Efficacy, Ethnic Identity, Gender, and Career Interests Related to Mathematics and Science
Abstract Four-hundred and fifteen 11th-grade parochial school students were surveyed to assess their mathematics self-efficacy (SE), ethnic identity, and career interests in mathematics and science.Expand
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Test of a Three-Factor Model of Teacher Commitment.
One hundred elementary school teachers were surveyed to assess: their perceptions of the prevalence of intrinsicallyand extrinsically-oriented work incent!ves in their schools; their perceptions ofExpand
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Parental Inducement of Emotional Intelligence
One hundred and nine junior high school students were surveyed to assess their perception of their parent's influence on their emotional intelligence (EI) and their own EI; and their task orientationExpand
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Research in the Social Sciences and Education: Principles and Process
This book was written to introduce the college senior or graduate student to modern scientific inquiry in the social sciences and education. No prior knowledge of research is necessary for anExpand
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