Manuel Martin Salvador

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Automatic data acquisition systems provide large amounts of streaming data generated by physical sensors. This data forms an input to computational models (soft sensors) routinely used for monitoring and control of industrial processes, traffic patterns, environment and natural hazards, and many more. The majority of these models assume that the data comes(More)
Advances in hardware and software in the past decade allow to capture, record and process fast data streams at a large scale. The research area of data stream mining has emerged as a consequence from these advances in order to cope with the real time analysis of potentially large and changing data streams. Examples of data streams include Google searches,(More)
Composition and parametrisation of multicomponent predictive systems (MCPSs) consisting of chains of data transformation steps is a challenging task. This paper is concerned with theoretical considerations and extensive experimental analysis for automating the task of building such predictive systems. In the theoretical part of the paper, we first propose(More)
Automation of composition and optimisation of multicomponent predictive systems (MCPSs) made of a number of preprocessing steps and predictive models is a challenging problem that has been addressed in recent works. However, one of the current challenges is how to adapt these systems in dynamic environments where data is changing over time. In this work we(More)
In process industry, chemical processes are controlled and monitored by using readings from multiple physical sensors across the plants. Such physical sensors are also supplemented by soft sensors, i.e. adaptive predictive models, which are often used for computing hard-to-measure variables of the process. For soft sensors to work well and adapt to changing(More)
The chassis is the cellular host used as a recipient of engineered biological systems in synthetic biology. They are required to propagate the genetic information and to express the genes encoded in it. Despite being an essential element for the appropriate function of genetic circuits, the chassis is rarely considered in their design phase. Consequently,(More)
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