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The oxidation of oxyhemoglobin to methemoglobin has been found to be facilitated by low molecular weight iron(III) thiosemicarbazone complexes. This deleterious reaction, which produces hemoglobin protein units unable to bind dioxygen and occurs during the administration of iron chelators such as the well-known 3-aminopyridine-2-pyridinecarbaldehyde(More)
The Fe(III) abstraction from Fe(III)/DFO and Fe(III)/EDTA complex systems by thiosemicarbazone ligands derived from 2-acetylpyridine has been studied from a kinetico-mechanistic perspective at relevant pH conditions and at varying temperatures and buffer solutions. The reactions have been found to be extremely dependent on the dominant E/Z isomeric form of(More)
The study of probes for CO sensing of a family of binuclear rhodium(II) compounds of general formula [Rh(2){(XC(6)H(3))P(XC(6)H(4))}(n)(O(2)CR)(4-n)]·L(2) containing one or two metalated phosphines (in a head-to-tail arrangement) and different axial ligands has been conducted. Chloroform solutions of these complexes underwent rapid color change, from purple(More)
BACKGROUND We evaluated whether including multilocus genetic risk scores (GRSs) into the Framingham Risk Equation improves the predictive capacity, discrimination, and reclassification of asymptomatic individuals with respect to coronary heart disease (CHD) risk. METHODS AND RESULTS We performed a cohort study among 51 954 European-ancestry members of a(More)
4-Alkoxy-4'-cyanoazobenzenes are organic chromophores with great applicability within present nanotechnology. However, the use of such azo dyes for obtaining light-triggered artificial muscle-like actuators remains still unexplored. Achieving further knowledge about the thermal back reaction and isomerisation mechanism for these types of azoderivatives is(More)
4,4'-Dialkoxy-substituted azobenzenes are usually required for technical applications. Here, we study the mechanism through which the azo-dye thermally isomerizes from the unstable cis isomer to the more stable trans isomer when it is incorporated in the nematic liquid-crystalline state. We have determined the kinetic and thermal activation parameters for(More)
We present a progress report on the SOAR Adaptive Module, SAM, including some results of tests of the Natural Guide Star mode: image correction in the visible, performance estimates, and experiments with lucky imaging. We have tested methods to measure the seeing and the AO time constant from the loop data and compared the results to those of the(More)
The reaction of Pt(IV) organometallic cyclometalated complexes of type [PtXAr(2)(Ar'CHNCH(2)CH(2)NMe(2))] to produce 5- and 7-membered Pt(II) metalacycles by a formal C-C reductive elimination/C-H oxidative addition/Ar-H reductive elimination sequence has been studied from a preparative and kinetico-mechanistic perspective. The detection and(More)
Small differences in transformer losses are not important when a transformer is analyzed alone but they are significant when the population of transformers present in an electricity distribution system are considered. Based on those facts, it was analyzed the effects of the unbalanced loads connected to the secondary of transformer in the transformer load(More)