Manuel Marina Muller

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The TolQ, TolR, TolA, TolB, and Pal proteins appear to function in maintaining the integrity of the outer membrane, as well as facilitating the uptake of the group A colicins and the DNA of the infecting filamentous bacteriophages. Sequence data showed that these genes are clustered in a 6-kb segment of DNA with the gene order orf1 tolQ tolR tolA tolB pal(More)
Sequence analysis showed that the cyd operon is immediately upstream of the tol-pal region. Northern (RNA) blot analysis demonstrated that the transcript for the cyd operon terminates just before the promoter for transcription of the tol genes. The cyd transcript contains cydA cydB followed by two open reading frames: orfC, encoding a 37-residue peptide,(More)
TolR is a 142-amino-acid protein required for the import of colicins and bacteriophage and for maintenance of cell envelope integrity. The topology of TolR in the inner membrane was analyzed by two methods. First, bacteria expressing a series of TolR-beta-galactosidase, TolR-alkaline phosphatase, and TolR-beta-lactamase fusions were assayed for the(More)
TraC is one of the proteins encoded by the F transfer region of the F conjugative plasmid which is required for the assembly of F pilin into the mature F pilus structure. Overproduction of this protein from the plasmid pKAS2, which carries only traC, resulted in the formation of inclusion bodies from which soluble TraC was purified. When small amounts of(More)
ar accumulation (Fig. 4B), in keeping with the finding that TH2 cytokine induction in wildtype TH cells requires costimulation (Fig. 2C). In contrast, anti-CD3 treatment alone led to an increase in nuclear NFATc in Jnk1 TH cells and a decrease in cytoplasmic NFATc (Fig. 4, A and B), consistent with the high TH2 cytokine production by CD3-activated Jnk1(More)
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