Manuel Marcel Hermann

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Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) is a central mediator of the immune response to pathogens, but may also exert neurotoxic effects, thereby contributing to immunopathology. To define the role of TNF during the course of brain abscess, TNF-deficient (TNF(0/0) mice were stereotaxically infected with Staphylococcus (S.) aureus-laden agarose beads. In(More)
A characteristic of brain abscess is a localized suppurative infection leading to substantial damage of the adjacent central nervous system tissue. The orchestrated interplay of pro- and antiinflammatory cytokines released by leukocytes as well as resident cells of the central nervous system is crucial for both an effective host defense and for limiting(More)
The cerebral control of bimanual movements is not completely understood. We investigated a 59-year-old, right-handed man who presented with an acute bimanual coordination deficit. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a lesion involving the entire corpus callosum, which was found on stereotactic biopsy to be an ischemic infarct. Paired-pulse transcranial(More)
The present study describes a new model of autoimmune neuritis in C57BL/6 mice induced by immunization with the novel neuritogenic epitope P0(106-125), derived from mouse peripheral myelin protein P0. Immunization with this peptide in combination with pertussis toxin induced high levels of peptide-specific CD4+ T cells in spleen and popliteal lymph nodes.(More)
Purpose The purpose of this study was to assess the diagnostic power of the novel two-dimensional parameter Bruch's membrane opening minimal rim area (BMO-MRA) in spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) for detection of glaucoma compared to minimal rim width (BMO-MRW) and retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness in large and small optic(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS To study the optic nerve head (ONH) characteristics in a cross sectional study with confocal laser scanning tomography using the Heidelberg retina tomograph (HRT I) and thereby to obtain a new HRT database for comparison of healthy and glaucomatous eyes. METHODS White adults with no history of ocular pathology were eligible for the study.(More)
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