Manuel M Pérez-Pérez

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Analyses of Arabidopsis thaliana defense response to the damping-off oomycete pathogen Pythium irregulare show that resistance to P. irregulare requires a multicomponent defense strategy. Penetration represents a first layer, as indicated by the susceptibility of pen2 mutants, followed by recognition, likely mediated by ERECTA receptor-like kinases.(More)
Bacterial transcriptional networks are built on a hierarchy of regulators, on top of which lie the components of the RNA polymerase (in particular the sigma factors) and the global control elements, which play a pivotal role. We have designed a genome-wide oligonucleotide-based DNA microarray for Pseudomonas putida KT2440. In combination with real-time(More)
Similarly to p53, p73alpha and p73beta induce growth arrest and/or apoptosis in response to DNA damage or when exogenously expressed. However, how they trigger apoptosis remains unresolved. After stable transduction of either p73alpha or p73beta, a greater apoptotic response was observed for p73beta in both primary and tumor cells. Consistently, blocking(More)
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