Manuel Luciano Silva

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AIMS Asthma is frequently under-diagnosed with a wide variation in incidence rates. We aimed to assess how physicians in a Portuguese sentinel practice network perform using standardised diagnostic criteria. METHOD Patients consulting one of the 43 network physicians with complaints suggestive of asthma were enrolled in the study over a four-year period.(More)
Human bocavirus 1 (HBoV1) is associated with respiratory infections worldwide, mainly in children. Similar to other parvoviruses, it is believed that HBoV1 can persist for long periods of time in humans, probably through maintaining concatemers of the virus single-stranded DNA genome in the nuclei of infected cells. Recently, HBoV-1 was detected in high(More)
Background: Influenzavirus (Flu) is associated with high morbidity in children less than 24-mo old, with high rates of hospitalization. Recommendation for annual influenza vaccination has been extended to this age group in the USA.Objective: We evaluated the proportion of Flu-attributable disease in children younger than 2 years, admitted to a tertiary care(More)
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