Manuel Losi

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Cytochemical and immunocytochemical approaches have been applied to the study of the surface of articular cartilage in humans, bovine and rats. Specimens were fixed in situ or soon after bioptic sampling with chemicals able to preserve and visualize proteins (glutaraldehyde, tannic acid), lipids (osmium tetroxide, malachite green, uranyl acetate) and(More)
We determine spectral curves for the known spiky string solutions in AdS space in the limit of large angular momentum. We also construct generic multi-spike solutions in this limit and compute the corresponding spectral data. The resulting spectral curves precisely match those of the classical spin chain describing the dual operators in one-loop gauge(More)
A 23 mm/sup 2/ 0.18 /spl mu/m CMOS GPS receiver with ARM7-DSP-64 k RAM-256 k ROM and a 28 mW-4.1 mm/sup 2/ radio has been integrated. The SoC GPS receiver, connected to an active antenna, provides latitude, longitude, height with 3 m rms precision with no need of external host processor in [-20,80]/spl deg/C temperature range. The radio draws 17.5 mA from a(More)
The synthesis of new materials (PUPAs) based on a commercial polyurethane and a heparin-complexing polymer, poly(amido-amine), was studied. PUPAs are capable of adsorbing heparin because the basic nitrogens of poly(amido-amine), once protonated, interact with the negative charges carried by the heparin molecule. Six different samples of PUPA were(More)
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