Manuel Leon Urrutia

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Cadmium exposure induces low birth weight through unknown mechanisms. Since low birth weight is associated to foetal exposure to high glucocorticoids (GC) concentrations, we hypothesized that low birth weight induced by prenatal exposure to Cd(2+) is, at least in part, mediated by higher foetal exposure to GC, specifically corticosterone, the main active GC(More)
Changes in DNA methylation of tumor suppressors can occur early in carcinogenesis and are potentially important early indicators of cancer. The objective of this study was to assess the methylation of 25 tumor suppressor genes in bladder cancer using a methylation-specific (MS) multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification assay (MLPA). Initial analyses(More)
Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a recent introduction to the palette of educational offerings yet in a short time they have become the subject of massive interest and hype. There are those that predict that these free courses are the first ripple in the coming wave of disruption that the web and on-line education will cause to traditional(More)
Galectin-3 belongs to a family of carbohydrate-binding proteins whose function is not fully characterized. However, it is believed to play a role in adhesion, proliferation and apoptosis in solid tumors. We aimed at investigating galectin-3 expression in bladder cancer. Galectin-3 expression was assessed by transcript profiling (U133A arrays) in a series or(More)
Several cardiovascular diseases (CVD) observed in adulthood have been associated with environmental influences during fetal growth. Here, we show that maternal exposure to cadmium, a ubiquitously distributed heavy metal and main component of cigarette smoke is able to induce cardiovascular morpho-functional changes in the offspring at adult age. Heart(More)
Within the current educational landscape, Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have stimulated extensive interest and hype in a short time. It has been asserted that these open courses are no more than a prelude to the disruption that traditional Higher Education Institutions will experience from the growth of on-line education. Meanwhile, institutions are(More)
Since 2012, the vision of MOOCs in universities has been evolving rapidly. Universities that have decided to place a serious bet for including this kind of courses in their portfolio have involved a diverse set of staff roles within the institution. In most cases, with the exception of fully dedicated staff members hired for the sole purpose of MOOC(More)
Solid and papillary epithelial tumor of the pancreas occurs mainly in young women and its main characteristic is the appearance of an abdominal mass which progressively increases in size. The radiologic, surgical and pathological correlation shows that it is a tumor of low grade malignancy with a favorable prognosis, after therapy and according to the(More)
Compared to other platforms such as Coursera and EdX, FutureLearn is a relatively new player in the MOOC arena and received limited coverage in the Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining research. Founded by a partnership between the Open University in the UK, the BBC, The British Library and (originally) 12 universities in the UK, FutureLearn has(More)