Manuel Lahoz

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A copper-bearing intrauterine device (IUD), designed to cause a slight distention of the uterus, was inserted through the cervix into each uterine horn of 230 heifers; an additional 230 heifers served as the control group. Blood was drawn at 0, 1, 2, 20 and 120 d for progesterone and testosterone assays. The heifers were checked twice daily for estrus and(More)
The ultrastructure organization of the stomach enteric plexus was examined in the lizard Podarcis hispanica. The ganglions of the myenteric plexus present a low number of nerve cell bodies with a peculiar nucleus, which occasionally establish direct contacts with cells of the circular muscle layer. Glial cells are smaller than the neurones, and their(More)
We have studied the different components of the enteric nervous system in the rectum and cloaca of the chicken by means of hystochemical and immunohistochemical techniques. We found cholinergic neuronal bodies as well as nervous fibers, which constitute part of the Meissner and Auerbach plexuses. We also observed plentiful catecholaminergic fibers in both(More)
In order to deepen our knowledge of the different components of the chicken intestinal nerve of Remak (I.N.R.), we have studied it by means of histochemical, immunohistochemical and electron microscopy techniques to distinguish the different neurotransmitters. We have found cholinergic cell bodies, as well as acetylcholinesterase (AChE) positive neuronal(More)
Following the works of Velazquez et al. (1999), Jo-Seung et al. (2000), Wang et al. (2001), Danscher et al. (2001) and the criteria of Zinc-containing neurons established by Frederickson et al.(2000), we have found the presence and localisation of Zinc in the neurons of the dorsal root ganglia of Wistar rat, by using Timm's thecnique and by studying the(More)
Morton's neuroma is a common pathologic entity that, traditionally, was considered to be an isolated tumor that rarely affected more than 1 interdigital space. However, in recent years, multiple neuromas have become more common in our day-to-day practice. The objective of the present study was to assess the frequency with which Morton's neuroma appears in(More)
Common concern about the biological effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) is increasing with the expansion of X-band microwaves (MW). The purpose of our work was to determine whether exposure to MW pulses in this range can induce toxic effects on human astrocytoma cells. Cultured astrocytoma cells (Clonetics line 1321N1) were submitted to 9.6 GHz carrier,(More)
BACKGROUND Having reviewed the studies on the biphalangeal fifth toe, we have observed a great disparity of data depending on the research center. We have investigated the frequency of biphalangeal toes and also its handedness. We have also analyzed the relationship of pathological deviations of fifth toe with this feature and with the fifth metatarsal. (More)
The extirpation of Meckel's diverticulum (MD) via conventional or laparoscopic surgery is the definitive treatment. However, certain circumstances may modify or alter this situation and require the application of exceptional measures.We report a case under our observation who previously had an exploratory abdominal laparotomy for a suspected MD; however,(More)
The usefulness of the direct 4-hour radioimmunoassay of estriol-16-glucuronide (E3G) and pregnanediol-3-glucuronide (P2G) in first morning urine (FMU) for establishing a prognosis of the early pregnancy outcome was evaluated in 106 patients that became pregnant. Microaliquots of FMU were serially assayed from day 3 of the conception cycle until day 80 of(More)