Manuel Krauskopf

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We characterized the first POU-homeoprotein in a crustacean (designated APH-1 for Artemia POU-Homeoprotein, EMBL Y15070). The amino acid sequence of the APH-1 POU-domain is identical, except for two residues, to that of the two class III POU proteins Cf1-a (Drosophila) and POU-M1 (Bombyx mori). Southern blot analysis suggests that crustaceans have only one(More)
Chilean universities are responsible for more than 80% of the science produced in the country, which in the last 20 years with some periods of great difficulties, has grown more than 600%. One of the underlying problems of the governments of developing countries to delineate suitable strategies to allocate efficiently the few funds available, has been the(More)
The seasonal adaptation of the teleost Cyprinus carpio to the cyclical changes of its habitat demands physiological compensatory responses. The process involves profound nucleolar adjustments and remarkable changes in rRNA synthesis, which affects ribosomal biosynthesis. In this context, we have demonstrated that the synthesis of several proteins involved(More)