Manuel Kountz

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Utilizing a retrospective analysis we examined factors correlated with preintake dropout in patients phoning to make intake appointments for cocaine treatment. Inquiries of 235 individuals calling our outpatient cocaine treatment program over a 7-month period were analyzed for relationships between patient age and gender; residence in the city where the(More)
Data models and encoding formats for syntactically annotated text corpora need to deal with syntactic ambiguity; underspecified representations are particularly well suited for the representation of ambiguous data because they allow for high informational efficiency. We discuss the issue of being informationally efficient, and the trade-off between(More)
In this paper we present work on using dependency structures in a process of automatic sortal interpretation of German nominalisations with -ung, such as Messung (‘measurement’) or Zählung (‘count’). Many such -ung nominalisations are ambiguous with respect to their sortal interpretation (cf. Ehrich and Rapp (2000) who lean heavily on McCawley (1968) and(More)
Deverbal nominalizations derived with –ung in German display different sortal readings (e.g. event, result, object) depending on the context that they occur in. However, there are cases that show conflicting evidence and hence pose problems for the compositional process. This paper provides a new explanation for the constructions in which one nominalization(More)
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