Manuel Jonas Richter

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Parenteral prostanoids infused via external pumps are well-established pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) treatments. However, local side-effects and systemic infections restrict their use. The purpose of this study was to investigate the safety of a fully implantable treprostinil infusion pump (LENUS Pro®) in patients with PAH. Thirty patients with PAH(More)
This dietary study was part of a nutritional status survey carried out at the request of the Ciskeian Government to provide a baseline from which to formulate a nutrition policy. Nutrient intake was assessed by means of a 24-hour recall of food intake and a diet history, recorded for 750 subjects including children aged 6-23 months, 2-3 years and 7-8 years(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension often present with a mild obstructive lung pattern, however, the functional consequences are not known. METHODS We analysed flow volume loops during exercise in 61 patients with precapillary pulmonary hypertension (PH) (age 55 ± 14 years) in comparison with 21 patients with COPD (60 ± 12 years), 39(More)
BACKGROUND Combination therapy is frequently used to treat patients with pulmonary hypertension but few studies have compared treatment regimens. This study examined the long-term effect of different combination regimens of inhaled iloprost and oral sildenafil on survival and disease progression. METHODS This was a retrospective study of patients in the(More)
BACKGROUND The dynamic decrease in inspiratory capacity (IC) during exercise with restriction of tidal volume (VT) is known as dynamic hyperinflation (DH) and is described mostly in patients with COPD differentiating between a "hyperinflator" and a "non-hyperinflator". Recent studies have revealed DH in patients with idiopathic pulmonary arterial(More)
In patients with severe pulmonary arterial hypertension, subcutaneous or catheter-based intravenous application of prostanoids carries a risk of local side effects or systemic infections, which limits their use and acceptance. Recently, a fully implantable pump for continuous application of intravenous treprostinil was approved in Germany. However, surgery(More)
BACKGROUND Exercise right heart catheterization (RHC) unmasks different phenotypes based on hemodynamic response to exertion in patients with heart failure. The prognostic relevance of this approach in patients with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) is uncertain. METHODS We analyzed 167 patients with HFrEF from the Kerckhoff-Klinik Heart(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) present with an altered inspiratory capacity (IC) reflecting dynamic hyperinflation (DH) that leads to mechanical constraints and excessive ventilatory demand, particularly during exercise, resulting in exertional dyspnea. OBJECTIVES Assessment of the long-term consequences of altered IC and(More)
Eine 87-jährige Patientin wurde mit einem linksseitigen Pleuraerguss aufgenommen. Das milchige Punktat erfüllte die Kriterien eines Chylothorax. Die Computertomographie des Thorax zeigte multiple Zysten, daher wurde die äußerst seltene Diagnose einer postmenopausalen Lymphangioleiomyomatose gestellt. Die Analyse eines Pleurapunktats sollte neben der(More)