Manuel J. Maña López

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This paper presents a freely available resource for research on handling negation and speculation in review texts. The SFU Review Corpus, consisting of 400 documents of movie, book, and consumer product reviews, was annotated at the token level with negative and speculative keywords and at the sentence level with their linguistic scope. We report statistics(More)
A more and more generalized problem in effective information access is the presence in the same corpus of multiple documents that contain similar information. Generally, users may be interested in locating, for a topic addressed by a group of similar documents, one or several particular aspects. This kind of task, called instance or aspectual retrieval, has(More)
This paper shows the experimentation and the results obtained for LABERINTO research group at the ImageCLEF 2011 medical task. We focus our work on image retrieval based on textual information related to the image. The initial hypothesis is that query expansion could improve the effectiveness of image retrieval systems. In this proposal, three different(More)