Manuel J. Fernández Iglesias

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We present a layered component model to support Web-based collaborative applications. We show how this model lets programmers focus on the particular logic of their applications, avoiding most of the issues related to collaboration, access control, and network management. The proposed model is organized into three layers on top of a foundation composed of(More)
Laboratory courses in Engineering and Computer Science are not always easy to implement using Internet-based distance education. Simulation has its limits, when compared to working with the real thing (like a computer board). The system we present in this paper provides remote access to real equipment used in a Computer Architecture laboratory. It uses(More)
The learning technology standardization process is taking one of the leading roles in the research efforts into computer-based education. Institutions like the IEEE, the US Department of Defense and the European Commission have set up committees to deliver recommendations and specifications on this area. Their goal is to provide interoperability among(More)
We propose an approach to testing that combines formal methods with practical criteria, close to the testing engineer's experience. It can be seen as a framework to evaluate and select test suites using formal methods, assisted by informal heuristics. This proposal is illustrated with a practical case study: the testing of a protocol for mobile auctions in(More)