Manuel Hubert

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In this paper we first investigate the robustness of the SIMCA method for classifying high-dimensional observations. It turns out that both stages of the algorithm, the estimation of principal components and the construction of a classification rule, can be highly disturbed by the presence of outliers. Therefore we propose a robust procedure RSIMCA which is(More)
Partial Least Squares Regression (PLSR) is a linear regression technique developed to deal with high-dimensional regressors and one or several response variables. In this paper we introduce robustified versions of the SIMPLS algorithm being the leading PLSR algorithm because of its speed and efficiency. Because SIMPLS is based on the empirical(More)
For the practitioner, choosing diagnosis codes is a non-intuitive operation. Mistakes are frequent, causing severe consequences on healthcare performance evaluation and funding. French physicians have to assign a code to all their activities and are frequently prone to these errors. Given that most of the time and particularly for chronic diseases indexed(More)
Combined efforts in the fields of neuroscience, computer science, and biology allowed to design biologically realistic models of the brain based on spiking neural networks. For a proper validation of these models, an embodiment in a dynamic and rich sensory environment, where the model is exposed to a realistic sensory-motor task, is needed. Due to the(More)
All patient-related medical information during a hospital stay in France, has to be collected and coded in the compilation of medical units discharge documents, according to a standardized approach. The process of describing a patient disease in terms of appropriate diagnostic codes is nevertheless, a non-intuitive operation for the physician. As a(More)
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