Manuel Herrera

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Wandering spleen is an unusual condition in children and is even more rarely diagnosed in the neonatal period. A case of splenic haemorrhage after dystocic birth in a newborn is reported. Before surgery, results of imaging studies were suggestive of a ruptured spleen. On laparotomy, a big haematoma surrounding a wandering spleen was found. Haemorrhage(More)
Citation classics identify those highly cited papers which are an important reference point in a research field. To identify a paper as a citation classic we have to fix a citation threshold value. Usually, this threshold value should not be the same for all research fields because each field presents its respective citation pattern. Studies of citation(More)
This paper deals with a new variant of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) in which no a priori parameter tuning is necessary. PSO, as an efficient and powerful problem-solving technique, has been widely used, but, as in other Evolutionary Algorithms (EA), appropriate adjustment of its parameters is cumbersome and usually requires a lot of time, effort and(More)
Objectives: This article reports the first science mapping analysis of the social work field, which shows its conceptual structure and scientific evolution. Methods: Science Mapping Analysis Software Tool, a bibliometric science mapping tool based on co-word analysis and h-index, is applied using a sample of 18,794 research articles published from 1930 to(More)
Water distribution networks are not randomly constituted systems. On the contrary, their designs are closely related to their hydraulic performance. Recognizing the sundry and relative importance of the different pipes in a water distribution network may help in assessing their impact on the hydraulic performance of the network. This information, in turn,(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Albumin dialysis using molecular adsorbent recirculating system (MARS) is a new procedure for treating resistant pruritus from cholestasis, but it is usually published as a case report or a short series. Therefore, we analyzed patients with resistant pruritus treated with MARS from three centers, to assess the changes on pruritus and the(More)
Assessment of ocular dimensions is essential for ophthalmic surgeons because these values must be determined before scheduling excimer laser refractive and cataract surgeries. Dry eye seems to affect central corneal thickness (CCT) values, but it is not clear if it affects anterior chamber depth (ACD), lens thickness (LT), vitreous chamber depth (VCD) and(More)