Manuel Hensel

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The main challenge for provisioning of Mobile TV services is to overcome long burst errors as are often found in mobile reception conditions. Long time interleaving can be implemented by means of Application Layer FEC (AL-FEC) to increase the time diversity of the signal and thereby its robustness against burst errors. The main obstacle of long time(More)
Satellite distribution provides a cost-efficient way to expand the coverage of mobile networks to rural areas. However, to become widely accepted by users and content providers, mobile satellite services need to provide a Quality of Experience (QoE) comparable to that of mobile video services provided in cellular networks. Mobile reception by satellite is(More)
From Oct. 2000 until July 2001 the H1 experiment at the e-p collider HERA has been considerably upgraded for higher luminosity running. The required modifications for the H1 detector control system have been the object of the H1 detector control and monitoring project. A variety of subsystems, some from the early 1990s as well as new subsystems with modern(More)
The Gilbert-Elliott (GE) channel is widely used for modelling the performance of coding and transmission schemes in the context of burst erasure channel conditions. In 1963, Elliott described a mathematical method for calculating the error margins of a GE channel. Though Elliott's method is used in numerous publications, it has some limitations. One is that(More)
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