Manuel González Sarabia

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Evaluation codes have been studied since some years ago. At the very beginning they were called projective Reed-Muller type codes and their main parameters (length, dimension and minimum distance) were computed in several particular cases. In fact, the length and dimension of the evaluation codes arising from a complete intersection are known. In this paper(More)
In this paper we establish bounds for the main parameters of parameterized codes associated to the edges of a simple graph $$\mathcal {G}$$ G by using the relationships among these parameters and the corresponding ones of the parameterized codes associated to the edges of any subgraph of $$\mathcal {G}$$ G . These inequalities are used to find bounds in the(More)
—In this paper we will estimate the main parameters of some evaluation codes which are known as parameterized codes. We will find the length of these codes and we will give a formula for the dimension in terms of the Hilbert function associated to the vanishing ideal of the projective torus. Also we will find an upper bound for the minimum distance and, in(More)
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