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As unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are considered for a wider variety of military and commercial applications, the ability to navigate autonomously in unknown and hazardous environments is increasingly vital to the effectiveness of UAVs. Reliable and efficient obstacle detection is a fundamental prerequisite to performing autonomous navigation in an unknown(More)
Postharvest technologies have allowed horticultural industries to meet the global demands of local and large-scale production and intercontinental distribution of fresh produce that have high nutritional and sensory quality. Harvested products are metabolically active, undergoing ripening and senescence processes that must be controlled to prolong(More)
Otitis externa is a ubiquitous inflammatory disease; although it arises most commonly from an infection, there is no consensus in the UK for the reporting of ear swab culture results. This study aims to review current microbiology laboratory reporting of ear swab specimens to primary care and reach an evidence-based consensus for a reporting policy. Fifty(More)
Male sterility induced by the cytoplasm of Triticum timopheevii Zhuk. has shown potential for hybrid seed production in common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). As hybrids produced by this method are often partially sterile, fertility restoration is crucial for implementing this technology in breeding practice. Several restorer genes were identified, of which(More)
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