Manuel Geffken

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We present an introspection/reflection framework for SystemC which extracts design-relevant structure information and transaction data under any LRM-2.1 compliant simulation kernel without the need for kernel modifications or a parser. The proposed methodology requires just minimal changes to the user’s source code and provides an extensible interface for(More)
A side effect of a method in Java is a read or write operation that the method may perform on an object in the heap. Methods with side effects are more difficult to understand and to reason about than pure methods, in particular in the presence of aliasing. While both, Java and the underlying Java Virtual Machine (JVM), support specifying and checking types(More)
Proxies are the swiss army knives of object adaptation. They introduce a level of indirection to intercept select operations on a target object and divert them as method calls to a handler. Proxies have many uses like implementing access control, enforcing contracts, virtualizing resources. One important question in the design of a proxy API is whether a(More)
This artifact provides two prototype extensions of the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine. Both extensions implement alternative designs for transparent proxies that are better suited for use cases such as certain contract wrappers and access restricting membranes. The first prototype extends the proxy handler by an isTransparent trap that regulates the proxy’s(More)
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