Manuel García Sánchez

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A study of time dispersion in different indoor line-ofsight radio channels in the 492–862 MHz band is presented in this paper. A combined method to filter the noise in the measured impulse response is described. The effect of frequency windowing on the impulse responses and the root mean square (rms) delay spread is also investigated. It has been found(More)
Wide-band indoor radio channel characterization for broadband radio access networks and Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure has been performed at 5.8 GHz, and results are given in this paper. Delay spreads of 8.8 and 17.2 ns and coherence bandwidths of 9.6 and 4 MHz have been found for line-ofsight (LoS) and obstructed line-of-sight (OLoS)(More)
In this paper we describe a practical algorithm to generate impulsive noise according to how it appears in the baseband after demodulation in a communication process. This algorithm offers flexibility to vary the parameters that characterize impulsive noise by taking into account former researcher's works. According to it, we also developed a program which(More)
In this paper, impulsive noise is simultaneously measured in the horizontal and vertical polarizations of the UHF radio band in order to determine their relationship. The measurements are taken from several environments: an anechoic chamber, an urban traffic, a factory, and an arc-welding workshop, with a bandwidth of 10 MHz. Measurements show that there is(More)