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Although the Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging (NAVSTAR) Global Positioning System (GPS) is, de facto, the standard positioning system used in outdoor navigation, it does not provide, per se, all the features required to perform many outdoor navigational tasks. The accuracy of the GPS measurements is the most critical issue. The quest for higher(More)
The goal o f the work presented in this paper is to provide mobile platforms within our compus with a GPS based data service capable of supporting precise outdoor navigation. This can be achieved by providing campus-wide access to real time Differential GPS (DGPS) data. As a result, we designed and implemented a three-tier distributed system that provides(More)
The goal of the this paper is to show that the DGPS data Internet service we designed and developed provides campus-wide real time access to Differential GPS (DGPS) data and, thus, supports precise outdoor navigation. First we describe the developed distributed system in terms of architecture (a three tier client/server application), services provided (real(More)
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