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Both spatial and propositional theories of imagery predict that the rate at which mental images can be rotated is slower the more complex the stimulus. Four experiments (three published and one unpublished) testing that hypothesis found no effect of complexity on rotation rate. It is argued that despite continued methodological improvements, subjects in the(More)
A series of heterodinuclear complexes with acetylene dithiolate (acdt(2-) ) as the bridging moiety were synthesised by a facile one-pot procedure that avoided use of the highly elusive acetylene dithiol. Generation of the W-Ru complex [Tp'W(CN)(CO)(C2 S2 )Ru(η(5) -C5 H5 )(PPh3 )] (Tp'=hydrotris(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl)borate) and the W-Pd complexes(More)
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