Manuel Fiorelli

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We introduce VocBench, an open source web application for editing thesauri complying with the SKOS and SKOS-XL standards. VocBench has a strong focus on collaboration, supported by workflow management for content validation and publication. Dedicated user roles provide a clean separation of competences, addressing different specificities ranging from(More)
In this paper we briefly describe the ART Lab infrastructure for semantic Big Bata processing. Our most relevant contribution is the definition of an architecture supporting ontology development driven by knowledge acquired from heterogeneous resources, such as documents and web pages. The overall perspective is to propose a gluing architecture driving and(More)
In this paper we introduce CODA (Computer-aided Ontology Development Architecture), an Architecture and a Framework for semiautomatic development of ontologies through analysis of heterogeneous information sources. We have been motivated in its design by observing that several fields of research provided interesting contributions towards the objective of(More)
Ontology mediators often demand extensive configuration, or even the adaptation of the input ontologies for remedying unsupported modeling patterns. In this paper we propose MAPLE (MAPping Architecture based on Linguistic Evidences), an architecture and software platform that semi-automatically solves this configuration problem, by reasoning on metadata(More)
The OntoLex W3C Community Group published its final report on the Lexicon Model for Ontologies (lemon) in May 2016, specifying a suite of vocabularies for the linguistic grounding of ontologies and RDF datasets in general. The Linguistic Metadata (LIME) vocabulary is the lemon module describing coarse-grained metadata about datasets as a whole, to represent(More)