Manuel Fink

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Computational models of cardiac electrophysiology are exemplar demonstrations of the integration of multiple data sets into a consistent biophysical framework. These models encapsulate physiological understanding to provide quantitative predictions of function. The combination or extension of existing models within a common framework allows integrative(More)
Cardiac experimental electrophysiology is in need of a well-defined Minimum Information Standard for recording, annotating, and reporting experimental data. As a step towards establishing this, we present a draft standard, called Minimum Information about a Cardiac Electrophysiology Experiment (MICEE). The ultimate goal is to develop a useful tool for(More)
This paper introduces the Protégé plugin uDecide. With the help of uDecide it is possible to solve multi-attribute decision making problems encoded in a straight forward extension of standard Description Logics. The formalism allows to specify background knowledge in terms of an ontology, while each attribute is represented as a weighted class(More)
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