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— This work is focused on obtaining efficient human hand models that are suitable for manipulation tasks. A 24 DoF kinematic model of the human hand is defined to realistic movements. This model is based on the human skeleton. Dynamic and Static constraints have been included in order to improve the movement realism. Two simplified hand models with 9 and 6(More)
This paper introduces the MasterFinger developemt and application , a multi-finger haptic interface for virtual object manipulation. This haptic device, with a modular interface, is specially designed to perform collaborative tasks. Each module is in charge of managing the haptic interaction with a finger. The mechanical structure of the module is based on(More)
The performance of haptic application is highly sensitive to communication delays and losses of data. It implies several constraints in developing networked haptic applications. This paper describes a new in-ternet protocol called Efficient Transport Protocol (ETP), which aims at developing distributed interactive applications. TCP and UDP are transport(More)