Manuel F. Ruiz-López

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Dipolar, dipole-quadrupole and quadrupole-quadrupole static polarizabilities of the water molecule have been determined by ab initio calculations at coupled cluster level of theory with single, double and perturbative triple excitations CCSD(T) with an aug-cc-pVTZ basis set using a finite field and field-gradient method. The geometry dependence of(More)
We report a systematic comparison of the electrostatic contributions to the free energy of solvation from three different kinds of quantum mechanical self-consistent reaction field (SCRF) methods. We also compare the liquid-phase dipole moments as a measure of the solute's response to the reaction field of the solvent. In particular, we compare these(More)
A density functional study has been performed on Rb(+) and Cs(+) complexes of mono and tribenzo derivatives of the 21Crown7 crown ether. Calculations have been carried out using the B3LYP functional together with a split valence basis set with additional polarization and diffuse functions. The cations have been described with effective core potentials.(More)