Manuel F Ellahueñe

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Fumonisin B(1) (FB(1)), a mycotoxin produced by Fusarium moniliforme, is a contaminant of cereals with various and complex cellular effects. FB(1) induces liver cancer in rats and has been linked to esophageal cancer in South Africa and China. The mechanisms of FB(1)-induced carcinogenesis are uncertain and the information on FB(1) mutagenic properties is(More)
The alkaline single-cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE) assay, also called the comet assay, is a rapid and simple method for the detection of DNA damage in individual cells. The objective of this study was to establish if the alkaline SCGE assay in whole blood cells gives similar results as the same method in isolated lymphocytes, because whole blood cells are(More)
Although alcohol is known to be a carcinogen for humans, ethanol-genotoxicity studies are incomplete. Ethanol seems not to be a bacterial mutagen, but the results are conflicting in rodent assays. We investigate the genotoxicity in the bone marrow micronucleus (MN) test and in the dominant lethal mutation (DLM) assay using two long-term ethanol exposure(More)
Eugenol, a widely used chemical in clinical dentistry, was evaluated for genotoxicity using the bone marrow micronucleus (Mn) assay in mice. Three doses (100, 400 or 600 mg/kg) were administered intraperitoneally (i.p.). The animals were killed 30 h post-treatment and the frequency of Mn in 1000 polychromatic erythrocytes (PCE) was determined. Corn oil and(More)
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