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Replication of information among multiple servers is mandatory to support high request volume and to prevent flash-crowds. Content Distribution Networks (CDN) are overlay networks aiming at reducing response time experienced by users through locating multiple servers in the edge of the network. There are currently several CDN solutions offered by different(More)
SIMACOP is a command and control system for small units in the friendly force tracking systems domain which has self-inspection and autopoietic capabilities to achieve robustness, agility and flexibility in the development of missions as well as to enhance shared situational awareness as a result of global adaptation. The system is composed of several(More)
Generally, current military command and control information systems aim is to elaborate the Common Operational Picture (COP) focused on the higher hierarchical levels, from battalion level and upwards. However, in majority of present conflicts, including peacekeeping missions, many operations are carried by small units like platoons and downwards. It would(More)
Friendly Force Tracking Systems (FFTS) are the lowest echelon command and control information systems (C2IS) in any army command and control architecture. Their initial goal is to provide near real-time information about own troops position. However, in foreseeable current empty battlefields as well as in asymmetric confrontations at least two extra(More)
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