Manuel E Cortés

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Neurophysiological and behavioral development is particularly complex in adolescence. Youngsters experience strong emotions and impulsivity, reduced self-control, and preference for actions which offer immediate rewards, among other behavioral patterns. Given the growing interest in endocrine effects on adolescent central nervous system development and(More)
The onset of puberty has been a fascinating topic for reproductive endocrinologists for decades; however, its underlying physiological mechanisms have remained elusive until recently. The discovery and understanding of the effects exerted by the peptide hormone kisspeptin have shed light on this research area. This review is aimed to discuss the functions(More)
This review explains the main effects exerted by sex steroids and other hormones on the adolescent brain. During the transition from puberty to adolescence, these hormones participate in the organizational phenomena that structurally shape some brain circuits. In adulthood, this will propitiate some specific behavior as responses to the hormones now(More)
Regioselective halogenation of the terminal isopropylidene unit of different acyclic polyolefinic polyprenoids (farnesyl acetate, geranylgeranyl acetate, squalene, etc.) using NCS/catalytic polymer-supported selenenyl bromide is described; good to excellent yields are obtained (68-96%). The first applications of this protocol include the concise synthesis(More)
An efficient and highly stereoselective synthesis of cytotoxic 8-epipuupehedione (1b) was achieved starting from natural (-)-drimenol (6). The key step to obtain stereoselectivity was the simultaneous demethylation and oxidation of the dihydrobenzopyran methoxy derivatives 10a and 10b.
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