Manuel E. Bermudez

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We present a practical technique that provides an <italic>LR</italic> (0) parser with either fixed or arbitrary look-ahead. The construction algorithm is based on certain paths in the <italic>LR</italic> (0) state diagram, which must be restricted to a maximum length <italic>m</italic>. The technique determines the amount of look-ahead required, and the(More)
A popular but &#8220;not-quite&#8221; correct technique for computing LALR(1) look-ahead sets has been formalized by DeRemer and Pennello and dubbed NQLALR(l). They also claim that the class of SLR(l) grammars is a subset of the class of NQLALR(1) grammars. We prove here that no such relationship exists between those two classes. We do so with a(More)
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