Manuel E. Bermudez

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We present a practical technique that provides an <italic>LR</italic> (0) parser with either fixed or arbitrary look-ahead. The construction algorithm is based on certain paths in the <italic>LR</italic> (0) state diagram, which must be restricted to a maximum length <italic>m</italic>. The technique determines the amount of look-ahead required, and the(More)
A great part of this dissertation is based on her work on component technologies. She gave me excellent advice and kindly guided me through the different stages during the development of this work. She also provided me with the funding necessary to complete my PhD studies. I would like to thank the members of my committee, Dr. Foundation provided my initial(More)
A popular but &#8220;not-quite&#8221; correct technique for computing LALR(1) look-ahead sets has been formalized by DeRemer and Pennello and dubbed NQLALR(l). They also claim that the class of SLR(l) grammars is a subset of the class of NQLALR(1) grammars. We prove here that no such relationship exists between those two classes. We do so with a(More)
for being on my committee and for the excellent feedback they gave. I must also express my gratitude to Mr. Dave Small for his suggestions. Furthermore, I would like to thank Ms. Marilyn Keeling for providing me testing grove class accounts. Special thanks are extended to my best friend, Chin Chen, for her suggestions and support. Finally I would like to(More)