Manuel Duarte Ortigueira

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Fractional centred differences and derivatives definitions are proposed generalising to real orders the existing ones valid for even and odd positive integer orders. For each one, suitable integral formulations are obtained. The computations of the involved integrals lead to new generalisations of the Cauchy integral derivative. To compute this integral, a(More)
The time-varying microstructure of sleep EEG spindles may have clinical significance in dementia studies and can be quantified with a number of techniques. In this paper, real and simulated sleep spindles were regarded as AM/FM signals modeled by six parameters that define the instantaneous envelope (IE) and instantaneous frequency (IF) waveforms for a(More)
– In this paper the modeling of Fractional Linear Systems through ARMA models is addressed. To perform this study a new recursive algorithm for Impulse Response ARMA modelling is presented. This is a general algorithm that allows the recursive construction of ARMA models from the Impulse Response sequence. This algorithm does not need an exact order(More)