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Carbon contamination in scanning transmission electron microscopy and its impact on phase-plate applications.
We analyze electron-beam induced carbon contamination in a transmission electron microscope. The study is performed on thin films potentially suitable as phase plates for phase-contrast transmissionExpand
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Die Schlei, ein Modell für die Verbreitung der StrandkrabbeCarcinus maenas
ACarcinus maenas population inhabiting the Schlei, a glacial fjord of the Baltic Sea, was studied during a three-year period of at least monthly sampling. Due to slightly higher water temperatures inExpand
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Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe 2012-14: Transnational Report
Kenneth Aitchison, Efthymia Alphas, Vera Ameels, Martin Bentz, Corina Borș, Elisa Cella, Kerri Cleary, Claudia Costa, Paul Damian, Mariana Diniz, Cidalia Duarte, Jan Frolik, Carolina Grilo,Expand
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Thucydides, Nietzsche, and Williams
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Object wave reconstruction by phase-plate transmission electron microscopy.
A method is described for the reconstruction of the amplitude and phase of the object exit wave function by phase-plate transmission electron microscopy. The proposed method can be considered asExpand
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New Electrostatic Phase Plate for Phase-Contrast Transmission Electron Microscopy and Its Application for Wave-Function Reconstruction
Abstract A promising novel type of electrostatic phase plate for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is presented. The phase plate consists of a single microcoaxial cable-like rod with itsExpand
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Charging of carbon thin films in scanning and phase-plate transmission electron microscopy.
A systematic study on charging of carbon thin films under intense electron-beam irradiation was performed in a transmission electron microscope to identify the underlying physics for theExpand
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Low affinity binding of plasma proteins to lipid-coated quantum dots as observed by in situ fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.
Protein binding to lipid-coated nanoparticles has been pursued quantitatively by using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. The binding of three important plasma proteins to lipid-enwrapped quantumExpand
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Thin-Film Phase Plates for Transmission Electron Microscopy Fabricated from Metallic Glasses
Abstract Thin-film phase plates (PPs) have become an interesting tool to enhance the contrast of weak-phase objects in transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The thin film usually consists ofExpand
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Inelastic Phase Contrast Using Electrostatic Zach Phase Plates
Physical phase plates (PP) for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) are intensively studied since the first carbon film-based and electrostatic PPs have been experimentally realized [1,2]. ByExpand
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