Manuel Cortés

Alejandro F Barrero2
José F Quílez Del Moral1
Veronica Armstrong1
Elena M Sanchez1
2Alejandro F Barrero
1José F Quílez Del Moral
1Veronica Armstrong
1Elena M Sanchez
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Regioselective halogenation of the terminal isopropylidene unit of different acyclic polyolefinic polyprenoids (farnesyl acetate, geranylgeranyl acetate, squalene, etc.) using NCS/catalytic polymer-supported selenenyl bromide is described; good to excellent yields are obtained (68-96%). The first applications of this protocol include the concise synthesis(More)
An efficient and highly stereoselective synthesis of cytotoxic 8-epipuupehedione (1b) was achieved starting from natural (-)-drimenol (6). The key step to obtain stereoselectivity was the simultaneous demethylation and oxidation of the dihydrobenzopyran methoxy derivatives 10a and 10b.
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