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In this work, the background and evolution of three-dimensional reconstruction of line drawing over the last thirty years is discussed. A new general taxonomy is proposed to describe and discuss the historical evolution of geometrical reconstruction and its challenges. The evolution of geometrical reconstruction from recovering know-how stored in(More)
Prescriptive sketches are usually drawn, after conceptual design is over, to prepare the creation of digital 3D models. Designers and draftsmen use them as "screenplays" that guide the creation of the final 3D model. Prescriptive sketches are still paper-and-pencil, in spite of the existence of some academic or even commercial, computer tools. In this(More)
ParSketch is a software prototype to evaluate the usability and functionality of a sketching interface aimed at defining 2D parametric sections. Currently, ParSketch interprets strokes which can be recognized as geometry (line, arc, circle, ellipse, or composed entities that are automatically segmented into those basic entities), or graphic gestures(More)