Manuel Cesario

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Surveillance and diagnosis of new and emerging communicable diseases in remote regions, such as the Amazon, is a challenging task. These regions can be difficult to reach, are sparsely populated, and have limited medical and ICT infrastructure. Medical practitioners and community health agents who work in such regions often have very basic qualifications,(More)
Aim.  This research aimed at identifying social support for older people and their families. Background.  The Brazilian National Policy for Older People's Health, created in 1998, is based on the promotion of healthy ageing, aiming at encouraging older people to remain in their environment and independently exert their functions in society. Nursing has(More)
The development and deployment of information technology, particularly mobile tools, to support collaboration between different groups of healthcare professionals has been viewed as a promising way to improve disease surveillance and patient care in remote regions. The effects of global climate change combined with rapid changes to land cover and use in(More)
Information visualisation methods can potentially be employed to assist the work of epidemiologists and other health care professionals in mapping the spread of communicable diseases in remote areas, where the task of disease surveillance encompasses temporal elements such as changes in climate, land use and population movements. This paper presents an(More)
As telehealth systems are increasingly being adopted by healthcare providers, a growing number of medical practitioners need to learn to use such systems. Despite this, however, most medical schools do not currently include telehealth-related content in their curriculum. In this paper we demonstrate, through examples from our own experience, how the Problem(More)
Many developing regions around the world rely on community-based healthcare strategies and practices to deal with prevention and control of often neglected diseases, by educating the local population and healthcare professionals, on the mechanisms by which such diseases spread and how they can be controlled. In this paper we describe a multiplayer serious(More)