Manuel Castillo-Cagigal

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In this paper we present a heterogeneous collaborative sensor network for electrical management in the residential sector. Improving demand-side management is very important in distributed energy generation applications. Sensing and control are the foundations of the "Smart Grid" which is the future of large-scale energy management. The system presented in(More)
In this paper, we study a robot swarm that has to perform task allocation in an environment that features periodic properties. In this environment, tasks appear in different areas following periodic temporal patterns. The swarm has to reallocate its workforce periodically, performing a temporal task allocation that must be synchronized with the environment(More)
The coordination of multiagent systems in real environments receives considerable attention from research and industry. The design of coordination mechanisms should take into account the nature of the environment where the system is embedded. In this paper, the multiagent system is in an environment that features periodic properties. This environment is(More)
Division of labor is a widely studied aspect of colony behavior of social insects. Division of labor models indicate how individuals distribute themselves in order to perform different tasks simultaneously. However, models that study division of labor from a dynamical system point of view cannot be found in the literature. In this paper, we define a(More)
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