Manuel Castilla

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Quantification of live cells in phase contrast microscopy images allows in vivo assessment of the viability of cultured cells. An automatic screening procedure seems advisable because of the large number of cells that must be counted to achieve reasonable accuracy. This paper presents a method that quantifies necrosis in cell cultures by texture analysis of(More)
Automatic discrimination and quantification of alive and dead cells in phase contrast microscopy images allows in vivo analysis of the viability of cultured cells without staining. Unsupervised segmentation, based on texture analysis, classifies each image region into three groups: live cells, necrotic cells and background. The segmentation is based on(More)
—In this paper, a generalization of the concept of electrical power for periodic current and voltage waveforms based on a new generalized complex geometric algebra (GCGA) is proposed. This powerful tool permits, in-sinusoidal/nonlinear situations, representing and calculating the voltage, current, and apparent power in a single-port electrical network in(More)
Since 1892, the electrical engineering scientific community has been seeking a power theory for interpreting the power flow within electric networks under non-sinusoidal conditions. Although many power theories have been proposed regarding non-sinusoidal operation, an adequate solution is yet to be found. Using the framework based on complex algebra in(More)
—— According to the target of minimal line losses and a power factor equal to one, the present work studies two concepts of instantaneous compensation of nonactive current which are generally applied to polyphase systems. The analysis is defined both on the basis of the instantaneous value concept, for arbitrary voltage and current waveforms, and on the(More)
—The purpose of this paper is to explain an exact derivation of apparent power in n-sinusoidal operation founded on electromagnetic theory, until now unexplained by simple mathematical models. The aim is to explore a new tool for a rigorous mathematical and physical analysis of the power equation from the Poynting Vector (PV) concept. A powerful(More)
The Fourier transform usually has been used in the past for analysis of stationary and periodic signals. Its interest is the knowledge of spectral components existing in a waveform; it doesn't matter the moment where they happen. However, when the time localization of the spectral components is needed, the Wavelet Transform (WT) can be used to obtain the(More)