Manuel C. Peitsch

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Comparative protein modeling is increasingly gaining interest since it is of great assistance during the rational design of mutagenesis experiments. The availability of this method, and the resulting models, has however been restricted by the availability of expensive computer hardware and software. To overcome these limitations, we have developed an(More)
SWISS-MODEL ( is a server for automated comparative modeling of three-dimensional (3D) protein structures. It pioneered the field of automated modeling starting in 1993 and is the most widely-used free web-based automated modeling facility today. In 2002 the server computed 120 000 user requests for 3D protein models.(More)
SWISS-MODEL pioneered the field of automated modeling as the first protein modeling service on the Internet. In combination with the visualization tool Swiss-PdbViewer, the Internet-based Workspace and the SWISS-MODEL Repository, it provides a fully integrated sequence to structure analysis and modeling platform. This computational environment is made(More)
The allotetraploid plant Nicotiana tabacum (common tobacco) is a major crop species and a model organism, for which only very fragmented genomic sequences are currently available. Here we report high-quality draft genomes for three main tobacco varieties. These genomes show both the low divergence of tobacco from its ancestors and microsynteny with other(More)
We have used comparative genomics to identify 26 Escherichia coli open reading frames that are both of unknown function (hypothetical open reading frames or y-genes) and conserved in the compact genome of Mycoplasma genitalium. Not surprisingly, these genes are broadly conserved in the bacterial world. We used a markerless knockout strategy to screen for(More)
Nicotiana sylvestris and Nicotiana tomentosiformis are members of the Solanaceae family that includes tomato, potato, eggplant and pepper. These two Nicotiana species originate from South America and exhibit different alkaloid and diterpenoid production. N. sylvestris is cultivated largely as an ornamental plant and it has been used as a diploid model(More)
Cell death by apoptosis occurs in a wide range of physiological events including repertoire selection of lymphocytes and during immune responses in vivo. A hallmark of apoptosis is the internucleosomal DNA degradation for which a Ca2+,Mg(2+)-dependent endonuclease has been postulated. This nuclease activity was extracted from both rat thymocyte and lymph(More)
To contribute to the development of the transcription map of human chromosome 21 (HC21), we have used exon trapping from pools of HC21-specific cosmids. Using selected trapped exons, we have identified a novel gene (named TMPRSS2) that encodes a multimeric protein with a serine protease domain. The TMPRSS2 3.8-kb mRNA is expressed strongly in small(More)