Manuel C Abreu

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Feeding legume grains to pigs usually increases losses of endogenous proteins at the terminal ileum. However, the identity of such proteins is largely unknown. This study was undertaken to determine the ileal flow and identity of soluble proteins present in large concentrations in ileal digesta of young pigs fed soybean meal (SBM), peas (P), faba beans(More)
NA50 Collaboration M.C. Abreu, B. Alessandro, C. Alexa, R. Arnaldi, M. Atayan, C. Baglin, A. Baldit, M. Bedjidian, S. Beolè, V. Boldea, P. Bordalo , S.R.Borenstein, G. Borges , A. Bussière, L. Capelli , J. Castor, C.Castanier , B. Chaurand, B. Cheynis, E. Chiavassa, C. Cicalò , T. Claudino, M.P. Comets, N. Constans, S. Constantinescu, P. Cortese , J. Cruz,(More)
Ovine pregnancy toxaemia is a metabolic disorder affecting sheep in their last 6 weeks of pregnancy as a result of their inability to maintain adequate energy homoeostasis. Different alternative treatments are available with variable results. The aim of this research was to evaluate a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARα) stimulant as an(More)
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