Manuel Bonilla

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate efficacy, adverse effects, and user continuation rate of an etonogestrel subdermal single-rod contraceptive implant. METHODS A total of 417 healthy volunteers of childbearing age were included in this multicenter trial. After implant insertion, the women were followed up during the 3 years of contraceptive action. At each visit,(More)
Despite some prematurely optimistic claims, the ability of robots to grasp general objects in unstructured environments still remains far behind that of humans. This is not solely caused by differences in the mechanics of hands: indeed, we show that human use of a simple robot hand (the Pisa/IIT SoftHand) can afford capabilities that are comparable to(More)
In this work we tackle the problem of planning grasps for an underactuated gripper which enable it to retrieve target objects from a cluttered environment. Furthermore, we investigate how additional manipulation capabilities of the gripping device, provided by active surfaces on the inside of the fingers, can lead to performance improvement in the grasp(More)
This article discusses the scientifically and industrially important problem of automating the process of unloading goods from standard shipping containers. We outline some of the challenges barring further adoption of robotic solutions to this problem, ranging from handling a vast variety of shapes, sizes, weights, appearances, and packing arrangements of(More)
In this paper, we propose a general method to achieve a desired grasp compliance acting both on the joint stiffness values and on the hand configuration, also in the presence of restrictions caused by synergistic underactuation. The approach is based on the iterative exploration of the equilibrium manifold of the system and the quasi-static analysis of the(More)
Soft robots are one of the most significant recent evolutions in robotics. They rely on compliant physical structures purposefully designed to embody desired characteristics. Since their introduction, they have shown remarkable applicability in overcoming their rigid counterparts in such areas as interaction with humans, adaptability, energy efficiency, and(More)
The work presented here is embedded in research on an industrial application scenario, namely autonomous shipping-container unloading, which has several challenging constraints: the scene is very cluttered, objects can be much larger than in common table-top scenarios; the perception must be highly robust, while being as fast as possible. These(More)
Fig. 1. Parcelrobot and Velvet Fingers Gripper: The Parcelrobot platform is located at the Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH (BIBA) in Bremen, Germany. Its kinematic structure comprises linear and rotary axes that cover a cylindrical workspace. Equipped with the Velvet Fingers Gripper it comprises an autonomous system for unloading shipment(More)
In this paper, we present a method to plan grasps for soft hands. Considering that soft hands can easily conform to the shape an the object, with preference to certain types of basic geometries and dimensions, we decompose the object into one type of these geometries, particularly into Minimal Volume Bounding Boxes (MVBBs), which are proved to be(More)
Industrial grippers are often used for grasping, while in-hand re-orientation and positioning are dealt with by other means. Contact surface engineering has been recently proposed as a possible mean to introduce dexterity in simple grippers, as in the Velvet Fingers smart gripper, a novel concept of end-effector combining simple under-actuated mechanics and(More)