Manuel Ballarín

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The aim of domain engineering process is to define and realise the commonality and variability of a Software Product Line. In the context of a family of models, spotting the commonalities and differences may become cumbersome and error prone as the number of models and its complexity increases. This work presents an approach to automate the formalization of(More)
In Veneto, like in Italy, in the last years the course of the professional diseases shown a trend in reduction. This trend has had to the difficulty to recognize the professional aetiology of multifactorial diseases. In the Venice the analysis of the course of the professional diseases in last the 4-5 years has demonstrated an increase of the communications(More)
Clone-and-Own (CAO) is a common practice in families of software products consisting of reusing code from methods in legacy products in new developments. In industrial scenarios, CAO consumes high amounts of time and effort without guaranteeing good results. We propose a novel approach, Computer Assisted CAO (CACAO), that given the natural language(More)
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