Manuel Almeida

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This paper suggests tools that provide significant improvements in the design and verification of FPGA-based digital circuits. These tools include reusable specifications of hardware components (modules) that have been proposed for two types of CAD environments; Xilinx ISE 5.x and Celoxica DK1. The components can be employed to implement both(More)
This paper describes the developed hardware/software tools, libraries and design methods for FPGA-based embedded systems which include: a kernel prototyping board with the Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA; a set of projects for reusable FPGA-based circuits; utilities for FPGA programming; software/hardware tools that provide support for reconfiguration; and programs(More)
The paper discusses an FPGA-based prototyping system with both wired and wireless programming and data exchange facilities. The system can be efficiently used for different types of portable devices. For example, it can supply additional interfaces to mobile computers; can be seen as a hardware accelerator for solving computationally complex problems or(More)
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