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n engl j med 358;12 www.nejm.org march 20, 2008 1306 Odvina CV, Zerwekh JE, Rao DS, Maalouf N, Gottschalk FA, Pak CY. Severely suppressed bone turnover: a potential complication of alendronate therapy. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2005;90: 1294-301. 1. Goh SK, Yang KY, Koh JS, et al. Subtrochanteric insufficiency fractures in patients on alendronate therapy: a(More)
During the last century, bearded vulture populations have declined and are threatened by extinction in Europe. Conservation efforts such as captive-bird breeding programs require the knowledge of the sex of individuals. The bearded vulture is difficult to sex morphologically because it is sexually monomorphic. Until now, there were no published genetic(More)
BACKGROUND Lipid transfer proteins (LTPs) are major allergens of Rosaceae fruits in the Mediterranean area. IgE-cross-reactivity has been demonstrated in vitro among LTPs from peach, apple, chestnut and Artemisia pollen. The aim of this study was to evaluate the reactivity to LTPs from peach, apple, chestnut and Artemisia pollen by means of skin prick tests(More)
Mapping between syntax and semantics is one of the most promising research topics in corpus annotation. This paper deals with the implementation of an semi-automatic transformation from a syntactically-tagged corpus into a semantic-tagged one. The method has been experimentally applied to a 1600-sentence treebank (the UAM Spanish Treebank). Results of(More)
The Pyrenean population of the endangered bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) is the largest natural population in Europe. In this study, its current genetic variability was assessed using 110 animals of the recent population in order to know what the present situation. Sex identification by DNA methodology in the 110 bearded vultures, mitochondrial DNA(More)
BACKGROUND Sublingual allergen immunotherapy is an effective treatment against allergic respiratory disease. Many studies have shown the safety of this type of therapy, although the factors that might affect the tolerability of high-dose sublingual immunotherapy have not been well established. The aim of this study was to determine the factors that affect(More)
The LOOK-COMPUTE-MOVE model for a set of autonomous robots has been thoroughly studied for over two decades. Each robot repeatedly LOOKS at its surroundings and obtains a snapshot containing the positions of all robots; based on this information, the robot COMPUTES a destination and then MOVES to it. Previous work assumed all robots are present at the(More)
Concentration levels of 222Rn have been analysed in water samples from deep wells of the aquifers around the City of Toluca, Mexico. The 222Rn source is the decay of 226Ra within the solid matrix of the aquifer. With a half life of 1600 years the 226Ra continuously releases 222Rn to the pores, from which it diffuses into the main body of water. This paper(More)